World Racing

World Racing 2.02

Demo version for the Second part of World Racing, a brand cars conduction game.
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This is the demo version of the second part of World Racing, a conduction game that is centered in a brand of cars to give to the user the maximum possible realism.
If the first part took care of Mercedes, in this second part you will put yourself to the steering wheel of the vehicles of the Volkswagen brand.
The animation is good but it is necessary to specially emphasize to this one when maneuvers are made, and really they pass the test.
Another thing is the design of the cars, the correspondence with its real namesakes is convincing.
The camera will allow us to observe from the later point of view of the car, all the complete turn, and you will observe everything in detail.
In conclusion, we can say that the initial perception is good, but the most demanding glance could emphasize some aspects, for example the colours are too shining in sometimes, although is properly illuminated at all times and maintains consistency, you will really see the different between the older version because this is much better than that.

María Noel Balla
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  • You can only play with three cars and one circuit


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